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Compass Behavioral Health Clinic (CBHC) is a state certified clinic for outpatient substance use disorder and mental health treatment.

CBHC mental health and substance use disorder services are driven by our values and our mission:


We believe...


  • That treatment must be individualized to meet the needs of the client.

  • That clients benefit from an interdisciplinary approach.

  • That quality is not a technique.

  • That treatment happens through people and healthy, therapeutic relationships.

  • That mental health complications develop as a result of multiple and complex paths.

  • That addiction develops out of dependence and that dependence is a physical and spiritual process.

  • That treatment is a helping process that assists and guides each client toward individual growth and recovery.

  • That effective treatment aims at involving the whole person in a process that frees them to be fully human.

  • That the goal of treatment is to become the most complete human being possible.


The Surveillance Services are provided to US and State Probation/Parole clients who reside in the community or in our residential program. Clients attend both group and individual counseling sessions in conjunction with the urine and breathalyzer testing services provided by the Residential Re-entry Program. 


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