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The Alternative Service Program (ASP), in existence since July 1982, provides placement and monitoring for community service orders in Rock County, issued in lieu of paying a fine or as a condition of probation or parole. The program serves adults, both male and female clients.
ASP's main objective is to provide Rock County with an additional sentencing alternative and/or an alternative to incarceration for appropriate ofenders. ASP's objective is also to provide indigent citizens a means of paying fines or making restitution, and/or allowing offenders a chance to repay the community for their offenses. Clients may also benefit from basic job training.
Clients are referred through the Rock County Courts and Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole.
Numerous non-profit and governmental agencies in Rock County benefit through the Community Service program by having "volunteers" assist in filling needs in their agencies. The clients in the Community Service program not only fullfill their court ordered obligations, but also give back to the community in a very important way.
Without the available option of community service, many clients would end up serving time in jail to sit out their fines. This option allows both the client, their family, and the community to benefit.
In 2009, RVCP adopted a stretch of Highway 51 as another site for workers to perform community service.